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…and this is why Ashlen never sets foot in Thanalan waters.

Emotes Spam

Not long ago, a patch added a check box “Display log message” in emotes menu, so that we can uncheck it and make our emotes no longer show up as a text in chat log. I really love it, because it’s extremely handy when I want to spam an emote (or many) for the sake of taking screenshots with specific characteristic. I used to have to manually add the word (or syntax?) “motion” after my emote command, to get the same effect, which sometimes became quite a hassle. So this checkbox functions really made it convenient.

I would encourage people to use this when they want to spam emote or emotes. I also taught my friends (old players who didn’t realize there is this function and new player who just started) about it and explained to them how annoying it could get when we spam chatlog with emotes.

Today I was sitting and crafting in Mor Dhona, when someone spammed huzzah for like 20 times in 5 seconds or so. Well, if my friends didn’t know there was the function, maybe some other players didn’t realize it too. And it seemed they were just trying to get screenshots with a friend (who joined in the emotes spamming spree soon) without intention to clog up people’s chat log just because they wanted to be an asshole. So I said in /say:

Would be extremely nice if people who spam emote are kind enough to use /emote motion, or uncheck the “Display log message” in emotes menu when they want to spam. ; ;

Excuse my typo there, lol.

Anyway, I waited for a bit and they still kept going (and it only got worse in term of lines per second), so I figured they didn’t notice my say and blacklisted them for my own sake. No use to bitch and start a fight when everyone is entitled to play their game however they like (as long as it doesn’t break ToS, hahaha).

After a synthesis or two, however, the first person who started spamming emote noticed me and came over to stand right behind me, too close in my personal space than I would have liked. So I canceled my crafting and ran up the stairs to sit down and craft again. Guess what, the person followed and tried to do some emote, which I didn’t pay much attention to because my mind was set on getting the hell out of that place.

I got up (canceling my synthesis mid-craft, again) and returned home. Of course, I suspect that the person was having a kick out of it that he or she could annoy me that much and drove me from the scene.

But, seriously, for some people to not try to be nice and make use of a useful function of the game…..and to go out of their way to try to be mean and upset other players. It’s sad how being politely assertive doesn’t work well in online games. Are we not civil? Can’t trivial problems be talked out peacefully and then happily solved?

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Kind of like Gold Rush.  You see a train of people flock over to overwhelm a FATE. They come and go, stomping everything in their path. I know it’s the nature of the low-time and peak-time of the server’s crowds and I know it’s hardly anyone’s fault. It still pissed me off, however. I was enjoying my quiet corner against this Spiteful. I’ve been camping him all day while working. I would ALT+Tab back to FFXIV to fight him when I hear FATE music. I want my Atma, but I hate chasing FATEs on chocoback, so this is a lazy method that works for me.

Then, when more and more people start to log in to the server, this train of people came, leaving me with silver medal for FATE instead of the gold. Mind you, though, that this was not the part which pissed me off.

They never returned, ever! They came to rip through the monster, and left, gone. Leaving me to solo the now-10-times-stronger Spiteful. Blargh!!!

Again, I know it’s no one’s fault and that it is an inevitable phenomenon natural to online gaming. I just had to get it out of my chest. 

Back to FATE camping and working. Peace!

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Weaver’s Needle

Today I was looking through some screenshot folders and found this pic, dated September 2013. I dropped my jaws when I noticed that there is a needle in Corn’s left hand. O_o


I know that the Weaver’s main hand tool is a needle, and that when they craft, they use needle on the fabric on the frame. But I guess I’ve never looked closely enough to see that the game actually show a needle in the…

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Level 9, chat tutorial quest.

Level 9, chat tutorial quest. If you’re stuck on the level 9 quest (chat tutorial) in any of the starting cities, here’s a check list of what to watch for.

If you’re stuck on the level 9 quest (chat tutorial) in any of the starting cities, here’s a check list of what to watch for.

1. Make sure you type everything EXACTLY the same as the quest instructs you to. For example, if you type well met instead of Well met! or if you type you misunderstand instead of You misunderstand., the NPC Botulf will never recognize your sentence. 

2. Make sure that you are not in the middle of conversation with the NPC. You have to click or confirm the NPC’s dialogue and end the conversation. If the speech bubble from NPC is still present, they won’t recognize your sentence.

3. Some people said we have to target the NPC while we do the quest. So, stay close to the NPC and keep your cursor selection on the NPC if you have problem making them hear you. 

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My latest Junk Doll project; an old Volks F-05 (now F-03).

You know my secrets about de-yellowing resin; now I must kill you.

…just kidding! Spread the word and try it yourself. :)

Great tutorial, wow! Thank you so much!

Polydent tabs… I’m going to try that!! 

Fisher’s peeve

I don’t get some people. The pond is so huge it could fit, like, 7 Ultima Weapons, yet they chose to dismount their chocobo on my head and then picked a spot right next to me (or sometimes right on me!) to fish. It’s not only annoying, but also extremely inconvenient because I fish by sound. This happened many times on different occasions and locations, with different fishers. Tsk!


teslithia said: Oh god I HATED THIS! I alt tab when fishing so I fish by sound too. I guess people see someone standing there & think “this must be the good spot”. So annoying. And rude.

Yeah Gina, it never fails to get me miffed. I usually express my dislike by putting up my fishing rod and walk away to fish where I can’t hear them.

My Luminary Rod~ Finally!

Finally, with my snail-speed of fishing, I completed the achievement “A Fisher’s Life for Me: Eorzea” and received my Rod of the Luminary. Although it gives same Gathering and Perception as the rod rewarded from level 50 quest, I can really like Reduced Durability Loss +10.


I got the last sub category of fishing achievement, “Good Things Come to Those Who Bait: Black Shroud V” while fishing for…

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Alec Mini & Alec #bjd  (at Vanilla Garden, Ekkamai 12)

Alec Mini & Alec #bjd (at Vanilla Garden, Ekkamai 12)