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My latest Junk Doll project; an old Volks F-05 (now F-03).

You know my secrets about de-yellowing resin; now I must kill you.

…just kidding! Spread the word and try it yourself. :)

Great tutorial, wow! Thank you so much!

Polydent tabs… I’m going to try that!! 

Fisher’s peeve

I don’t get some people. The pond is so huge it could fit, like, 7 Ultima Weapons, yet they chose to dismount their chocobo on my head and then picked a spot right next to me (or sometimes right on me!) to fish. It’s not only annoying, but also extremely inconvenient because I fish by sound. This happened many times on different occasions and locations, with different fishers. Tsk!


teslithia said: Oh god I HATED THIS! I alt tab when fishing so I fish by sound too. I guess people see someone standing there & think “this must be the good spot”. So annoying. And rude.

Yeah Gina, it never fails to get me miffed. I usually express my dislike by putting up my fishing rod and walk away to fish where I can’t hear them.

My Luminary Rod~ Finally!

Finally, with my snail-speed of fishing, I completed the achievement “A Fisher’s Life for Me: Eorzea” and received my Rod of the Luminary. Although it gives same Gathering and Perception as the rod rewarded from level 50 quest, I can really like Reduced Durability Loss +10.


I got the last sub category of fishing achievement, “Good Things Come to Those Who Bait: Black Shroud V” while fishing for…

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Alec Mini & Alec #bjd  (at Vanilla Garden, Ekkamai 12)

Alec Mini & Alec #bjd (at Vanilla Garden, Ekkamai 12)

Alec & Alec Mini  (at Vanilla Garden, Ekkamai 12)

Alec & Alec Mini (at Vanilla Garden, Ekkamai 12)

WTF? Botting in Duty Finder?

I’ve reported this player, stating that their behaviors were extremely suspicious. I hope the Special Task Force would look into it and solve this problem. But this is going to be a LONG rant.


เวลาเล่น Duty Finder เราย่อมต้องปรับสไตล์การเล่นให้เข้ากับปาร์ตี้ และให้เหมาะสมกับความสามารถในการเล่นของสมาชิกอื่น ๆ ในปาร์ตี้ และเหมาะสมกับระดับอุปกรณ์สวมใส่ของทุกคนด้วย แต่เวลาเจอบอท…. ต่อให้คุณมีทักษะในการปรับตัวได้เยี่ยมยอดแค่ไหน หรือเล่นเก่งเพียงใด ก็ไม่รอดอยู่ดี! เดี๊ยนคิดว่าเดี๊ยนเจอบอทในฮาลาตาลีเจ้าค่ะ มันเล่นได้ห่วยแตกแหกพิกัดมาก สุดยอดกากของความกากกกกกกกกกกกกกกก โอ๊ยไอ้หน้าส้นตีน…

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This troll stumped me
  • On YouTube, I got into an argument with a person.

  • Person:

    How is this funny? Am I missing something? Maybe to Thai people it's funny but native English speakers....this is far from even a giggle.

  • Me:

    Sometimes one needs to have specific knowledge/understanding/experience to find a joke funny. *continued with long explanation*

  • Person:

    Shut up bitch

  • Person:

    yOU DISGUSTING whore

  • Other people:

    *gave angry comments*

  • Person:

    *started throwing insults and racist comments into the argument*

  • More people:

    *kept arguing against the person*

  • Person:

    I'm the one who's been to more countries and have an astronomically higher education then a spawn like you. Sleep on that, you degenerate:D

  • Me:

    *rebutted* Also, you spelled "than" incorrectly, using "then" in your sentence "an astronomically higher education then a spawn like you," which is ridiculous when you are trying to brag about your education.

  • Person:

    Ummmm....who the hell is bragging about their education? I'm definitely NOT! You, disgusting branded Americans have the Gold Medal at doing that, and what time of a human being are you to judge someone else who's entitled to their own opinion? You're just as bad as everyone disgusting creature whore.

Alec Mini in her new outfit. Comparing normal photos and HDR photos. HDR effect used here is built in HDR mode in Apple’s phone’s camera (4s). Left are normal, right are HDR.

Alec Mini got her new outfit. 

Noong Ning (my mom’s Shih Tzu) didn’t cooperate, so the 2nd pic was the only “good” photo I got of him and Alec Mini together. 

Tank who doesn’t Flash

Tank who doesn’t Flash in Tam-Tara made the run more difficult. This is a story of my daily roulette run today.


I don’t play tank so I’m not sure if this is wrong, but I thought tank (GLA or PLD) is supposed to use Flash at start for initiative mob control or use it frequently while tanking multiple enemies at the same time. Today I went to Tam-Tara from Duty Roulette, and was in a party where THM was constantly reminding GLA to use Flash. I thought he or she was just being fussy, but after a while I…

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Thank you seite, now it all makes sense, both the GLA’s actions and the THM’s comment. I didn’t know what he exactly meant by wrong spell. Thank you.