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น้องชูการ์หาบ้านใหม่ค่ะ (ขาย) My friend is fostering a white Sugar Glider of her friend. That friend needs to find a new home for this baby, because her family rejected her new pet or something (I didn’t ask, but this is highly likely the reason, from my guess). 

I would buy this baby if I were a good owner of any pet LOL. But nope, I know I cannot take this responsibility. It is not easy to raise a Sugar Glider, as it is not as simple as cats and dogs. 

Anyway, this baby is just too cute and I can’t resist. Gotta post the pics here. Just OMG OMG OMG me wants! But me can’t! But me wants! But no, me can’t!!!! //argument in head repeats endlessly //chews on a handkerchief and shreds it into pieces

*Edited 5 Dec 2012* Added 1 more pic.

//dies from cuteness overdose

*Edited 10 Dec 2012* This girl found a new home. Yay!

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